Script for migrating Exchange inbox rules before a mailbox is moved to a different forest.
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$uri = "https://your.mailbox.server/powershell"
$mbx = ""
$session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri $uri -Authentication Basic -Credential $cred -AllowRedirection
Import-PSSession $session
# Get existing mailbox rules
$rules = Get-InboxRule -Mailbox $mbx
# Get properties that will contain an address
$params = 'ExceptIfFrom','ExceptIfSentTo','ForwardAsAttachmentTo','ForwardTo','From','RedirectTo','SentTo'
# SMTP format is {"Display Name" [SMTP:alias@domain.tld]}
# LegacyDN format is {"Display Name" [EX:/distinguished/name]}
# we need to identify every rule that contains a legacyDN in any of the members that can contain an SMTP address
# pull every rule that contains a value for any of the address inboxrule properties
# iterate through rules
foreach ($rule in $rules)
# grab rule identity - need this for Set-InboxRule
$ruleid = $rule.RuleIdentity
# iterate through each address parameter
foreach ($param in $params)
# assign rule.parameter to a variable for convenience
$rparam = $rule.$param
# if rparam contains a value, do stuff
if ($rparam)
# iterate through array of addresses in $rparam - we need the index of the array for this one
for ($i = 0; $i -lt $rparam.count; $i++)
#check if EX or SMTP
if ($rparam[$i] -clike "*EX*")
# extract the DN from the output
$legacydn = ($rparam[$i] -csplit '\[EX\:')[1] -Replace "]", ""
# get the SMTP address for each DN
$smtp = Get-Recipient $legacydn | Select-Object PrimarySMTPAddress
# replace DN with SMTP address
$rparam[$i] = $rparam[$i] -replace '\[(.*?)\]',('[SMTP:'+$smtp.PrimarySMTPAddress.ToString()+']')
# now that our $rules variable has been updated, we SHOULD be able to take the same rule by ID and update the same parameter
$ruleparam = @{$param = $rparam}
Set-InboxRule $ruleid @ruleparam -Mailbox $mbx