A Windows systray application that displays the current lunar phase.
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LunaWin is a small systray utility displaying the current moon phase. It's written in .NET C# using WinForms.

The actual lunar phase calculation credit goes to this blog post (archive), which details the rationale behind the calculations and presents a PHP implementation.

This project demonstrates a number of concepts, some more advanced than others.


  • Programmatically creating and updating a system tray icon using NotifyIcon
  • Programmatically creating and updating the icon's context menu using ContextMenuStrip and ToolStripMenuItem
  • Setting a program to run at user login (startup)


  • Using Mutex to find existing instance of application
  • Using DllImport to access the current Windows 10+ theme (light or dark) natively
  • Overloading WndProc to handle system-wide messaging, to detect Windows 10+ theme changes
  • Accessing memory directly through pointers and unsafe code handling